Monday, September 29, 2008

Steam Garlic Prawn

Over the recent weekend, while doing the usual grocery shopping at Tampines Giant, there were these live prawns literally jumping around in the tray. Many of us were crowding around to pick the freshest prawn ever, gleefully picking the "jumpiest prawns" aka as "freshest prawns". You should see my face , half in awe and bewilderment.. slightly shrieking as the lively prawns jump off the tray.

Hmm... Dinner drunken prawns (nah... i wouldn't dare, not that guru yet). I settle for something less challenging. Well, I was thinking more of the Steamed Garlic Prawns that I have eaten so many times in Chinese Restuarants. Yes !! I will try that , no harm trying since my younger son, Vic, is a seafood fanatic, my ever trustworthy gourmet taster.. never fails me ..hehe

As you guess it, my younger son Vic relishes it almost all of it, my hubby came close to 2nd, while my dearest eldest son Vin is not the typical "use your hand campaign" person also tucks in the delicious prawns ** wink **

First attempt, it works ..

Here how it goes, really simple, only max 10mins preparation, 10 mins cooking time

What you need :
1) half kg of prawns
2) 1 Tbps of TsingTao Wine (or White Wine)
3) 1 Tbps of Sesame Oil
3) a pitch of salt
4) a dash of pepper
5) 3 Cloves of fresh garlic (Chopped or minced)
6) 1 egg
7) Wok of hot water

How to do :
1) Cut the prawns (hind side) using the kitchen scissors. Slid it across the back of the prawn, with a opening for the filling.
2) Mix the Garlic with the TsingTao wine, Sesame oil, salt, and pepper
3) Add the egg into the mixture.
4) Use half tps of mixture and spread it across the slid opening of the prawn. Repeat this until all the prawns are completed.
5) Place the prawns on a ceramic plate that can be used for serving.
6) Pour remaing of the mixture over the prawns
7) Place the plate over the boiled wok of hot water , cover it and Steam for 10mins

Hope you enjoy this simple and easy to cook Garlic Steamed Prawns without having to pay a huge price at a Restaurant, and what better way to suck and lick your fingers in the comfort of your own home ..

Finally, Garlic helps fight cancer, and keeps the vampire away !

Saturday, September 27, 2008

My Inaugural moment

Hey everyone,

This a big moment for me.. the inaugural moment into another phase of my life, the crazy world of cooking and baking which is quite unusual for a person who has for a long time spent working and working away, literally on a computer.

My inspirations for cooking started when I was studying in Australia together with my then-boyfriend (now hubby). This is quite laudable just the thought of us back then cooking rice in a pot over a stove without having a rice cooker.. Anyway. thanks to a couple of good friends from HongKong, who shared their cantonese recipes with us, which somehow inspires me to cook and bake for the first time in my life !!

Fast forward, 15 years now.. my 2 boys are now 9 and 12 years.. the moment of truth that cannot escape the feeling of passion subdued inside me as a woman, a mother, a wife...and a cook (LOL) ... on-slaught of the cooking mummy.. (** hehe.. blessings I hope to my hubby and sons **) and sharing you my recipes ..

Although I have cooked for my family members , friends and my colleagues at work, I am still learning and cooking for my own pleasure. I am a self-taught cook, trying recipes from friends, cook books and internet. So ..what u see is what u get..

Here goes...