Sunday, January 11, 2009

Butter Crab - what a delicacy

Another long time girl friend meet-up at her place on Saturday , 28years relationship...hmm , feel just like yesterday. So what does good friends do when meeting up ? What else .. FOOD !!! the ultimate joy of fellowship.

I decided the best way to impress my girl friend is to cook what she thinks I can't do.. hehe. Well, I have been wanting to cook Butter Crab for quite some time. So why not ? Here's the good refined way of dine and wine with good seafood to go along with.

If I can't beat her in Chinese, I SURE am going to beat her in cooking. :-P . She is the good one while I am the one that Huang LaoShi (Mdm Wong - Chinese teacher) got me to stand behind the class as I couldn't remember my Chinese proverbs.

I must say my girl friend's quiche is very good... oops, should have taken a photo of the food, so delicious and am going to make it one day once I get the full recipe.

What better way to top it up with dessert - colourful agar agar jelly !

Here's the recipe for the Butter Crab.

What is Required

1. 4 to 5 medium-size Mud Crabs
2. 125g butter (softened)
3. 250g cream cheese (softened)
4. 50g Mayonnaise
5. 2 tbsp lemon juice
6. 1 tsp garlic (minced)
7. 2 tbsp cooking oil
8. ½ cup water
9. 2 cup of fresh milk
10. 1 tbsp sugar

How to Do it

1. Heat the wok. Pour in the cooking oil.
2. Once the oil is hot, fry garlic for about 5 secs
3. Add crabs and fry until shells turn slight orange.
4. Add in water and cover the wok for about 5mins
5. Mix the butter, cream cheese and mayonnaise in a bowl and pour into the wok.
6. Add the fresh milk and cover the wok.
7. Let it simmer until the crabs shell is all orange.
8. Once the crabs are cooked, stir in the lemon juice.
9. Add in the sugar and taste.
10. Ready to serve.

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  1. just checked in today and realised you already blogged!
    what can i say?
    finally able to sink my teeth in these scrump-delicious crabs after drooling over my keyboard for all your past blogs;P
    slurp! oops! maybe knowing how it tastes like makes me drool more...