Sunday, January 11, 2009

Colourful assorted-shaped Jelly Pudding

Dessert time.. my favourite,. I made this 1-day in advance for my girlfriend. This is so colour studded that I am abit dazed by it all. Actually, I got carried away by having too many colours.

What I did was to use the ice-cubes tray as a mould for the agar agar. Quite fascinating.

Please do enjoy the colourful assortment !

After the little jellies have set, hehe.. I guess I just got a bit ridiculous.. and added this into a plastic bowl of transparent jelly. So, what you see is a bowl of assorted little ones.

With this, I transported to my girl-friends house. And without Mess.. Here's a picture taken by my girl-friend. How's that for a piece of jello !



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  2. Hi Lisa,

    The opaque jelly is made using coconut milk and agar-agar powder, with colourings added.