Monday, January 12, 2009

Kueh Bangkit - the coconut flavoured cookie

I love Chinese New Year cookies. Never one to miss an opportunity to always grab my hands on those delicious tasty kueh bangkit and pineapple tarts. As a kid, somehow I always make sure I have my fill of cookies when house-visiting relatives and stuff myself silly.

Traditionally , this has cookie has always been white. These can be made in different shapes and sizes. I used different shaped cookie cutters and tried using the princer to make the patterns. Mind you, this requires real patience. I started "princing" away energically for the first few. Somehow along the way, my fingers start to quiver, my eyes losing focus.... well, you know the rest.

I simply the love the coconut fragrance especially when freshly baked..

I have obtained the recipe from Aunty Yochana's Kueh Bangkit, but modified a bit to suit my needs. So don't miss out in baking this CNY cookie !


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  2. Hi Alisa (Foodista),

    Thanks for your invitation. Will explore more into Foodista. fyi, I have embedded Fodista widget into my blog.

  3. Hi, Cooking Mummy! I've read about yr Kueh Bangkit & as well as AuntyYochana. I saw yr pic that u're using 'Kara' Coconut milk. I'm also using it but should I shake well & use or I'm only scoop out the thick coconut?? Because I've difficulties on buying fresh coconut.
    Thanks! (fr Jenny)

  4. thnnks Jenny, for dropping by.

    it's not necessary to shake , just warm it up and give it a stir.